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The Vincent Liverpool
Vincent Exchange Flags Liverpool

When you enter The Vincent Exchange Flags Liverpool It takes your breath away, it's huge and the atmosphere is amazing .

The cocktail bar is fabulous and it's like an art gallery and the art pictures are very special well , known artists i.eTracey Emin.

My appetiser was cauliflower beignets and Dipped in curried mayonnaise, it was crispy and delicious.

It was so difficult to decide on the main course as the menu is amazingly interesting ,so in the end I chose a wonderful chunky fillet of Seabass, served on char siu,garlic,
Shallot & pak choi.

The waiter was so enthusiastic and so I took his advice and had ganache ice cream ,rice biscuits, and delicious figs.

Coffee and scrumptious rum truffles.

I can't wait to visit again as the food & ambience was fabulous

The Vincent
Exchange flags

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