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Wilsons Kitchen Lord Street Southport

My visit to the new Wilson's Kitchen ,which is tucked away upstairs, is very modern and great atmosphere.

The view from the restaurant window was really lovely and the staff were very friendly and professional so I felt very comfortable.

Whilst waiting for my meal I was served a bowl of veggie crisps which were very moorish.

The menu is very interesting and I was spoilt for choice so I went for a platter came looking fabulous with "The Moroccan" lamb burger seasoned with spices topped with goat cheese accompanied with tangy Harissa yogurt. A small bowl accompanied were polenta balls which were delicious.

Also I was tempted with the "Twice cooked Confit Pork Belly" with a caramelised apple purée with crisp smoked pancetta ...... Delicious.

I couldn't order a dessert as I had eaten a great deal and really enjoyed my meal. I will return to taste "the specials" on the blackboard.

They have an extensive wine list

Open Wed to Sun all day

Wilson's Kitchen
Lord Street

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