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Thornton Hall and Spa
Returning to Thornton hall felt like coming home, the bedroom was so welcoming, modern coffee machine and a selection of delicious biscuits, the fabulous bathroom has a wide selection of lovely toiletries.

The verandah opening from the bedroom is perfect so that you can sit and take in the fabulous
Views of the manicured lawns.

The swimming pool and spa is fabulous and there is a huge menu of treatments that are available. Staying at the hotel there is a discount for guests.

I had a wonderful neck and back treatment by Rachel, with Lava Shells which are self heating massage tool. It really relaxed my aches and pains. Afterwards I lay in the Tranquility Suite and it took me to another level of relaxation.

I can't wait to return to Thornton Hall and book in to The Lawns Restaurant as I know the food is delicious so look forward to a delicious dinner.

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