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Checkout Column - Some Products Worth Trying

Salt & Liquor has opened in the heart of the lovely town of Ormskirk.

The menu is really interesting and flexible, you can choose sharing boards, burgers loaded with fries ,delicious salads , and express lunch.

If you are into beer the selection is fabulous, wheat & fruit beers are popular, and of course there is a selection of wines ,champagne & cocktails.

I ordered water melon salad with goats cheese sprinkled with pumpkin seeds ,it was so refreshing and scrumptious. I also had Deep fried sweet potato chips which were crispy and delicious . Pulled beef was served in a stainless steel pot and accompanied with spicy dipping sauces.

The menu was so interesting that I found it difficult to decide so I will return to try a dessert which were very tempting ,so I just had a Vanilla latte to finish which was gorgeous.

The young team were so helpful and welcoming and the atmosphere was upbeat and great

Highly recommended a visit.

Salt & Liquor 36 Derby Street Ormskirk.

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