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Olive retreat
I returned for another visit to the Olive Retreat Spain and it was even better the second visit .It was a different venue which was even more beautiful It was high in the hills amongst the most breathtaking scenery.

The rooms were en suite
light and airy and extremely very well

A lovely outdoor swimming pool surrounded with beautiful scenery.

Yoga practice took place early morning in a lovely courtyard, the day was flexible and there were walks, meditation and talks on healthy living.

The food was so interesting and delicious, it was all cooked in the fabulous kitchen. Fruit & and healthy tea's were on tap.

The mix of people were really
Interesting they travelled from Stockholm, Canada, London etc and we all shared our stories.

Bettina and Cristina are highly educated in health and Wellbeing and are the most caring people .

I wouldn't hesitate to return yet again and would recommend a visit to recharge your batteries.

Olive Retreat

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