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Checkout Column - Some Products Worth Trying

You are spoilt for choice wandering round Morrisons Supermarket.

I really went in for Xmas canapes etc. to avoid the big rush near Xmas but I was tempted to so many other products and came home with two of the Signature range items which are great.

THICK SMOKY CHIPOTLE CHILLI SAUSAGES which are so different to normal sausages. They are so succulent and spiced with sweet paprika and smoky chipotle chilli, just grilled were scrumptious.

SWEET BEETROOT HOUMOUS I must admit hummous is not my favourite thing but this particular variety was really delicious. Spread on toast or rice cakes it was gorgeous.

The range of canapes were so vast I was spoilt for choice so was tempted to something different. CHEESECAKE BITES which are tiny squares of vanilla and toffee flavoured mini cheesecakes topped with a swirl of berry and chocolate sauce.......delicious.

Go and browse and stock up your freezer to make the festive season easier.


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