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Checkout Column - Some Products Worth Trying

Lush spa is unique, its not like any other beauty salon or spa that I have ever visited.

Before you even enter the spa you are treated to a gorgeous hand and arm massage by one of the lovely staff. You can wander around the retail section and try the most interesting products on display.

On entering the spa door its breathtaking, the treatment rooms are large and airy and lit with candles.

I couldnt wait to try the new treatment "The Hard Days Night" which was launched at the Hard Days Night Hotel and it looked so exciting then.

On entering the treatment room you are supplied with cosy warm p.j's and the lovely therapist manipulates each part of your body, no oils are applied its just hands on.

Whilst all this is happening you are treated to fabulous "Beatles" music which I adore.

At the end of the treatment you are left to relax and meditate, which I have practiced myself for 27 years so that was a bonus for me.

I was then treated to tea and jammie dodgers and had a lovely chat with the gorgeous therapist in the large lounge area.

All the treatments are fabulous and I cant wait to return to try another one.

See my other piece on a treatment that was equally fabulous.


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