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Checkout Column - Some Products Worth Trying

Chiquitos new menu is fabulous, I'm always excited to visit to try their interesting and exciting dishes .

I noticed on the menu that you can make your own Guacamole, red onions, chopped cherry tomatoes, jalapeņos and you can mix it yourself which is great fun. Hallomi salad is also something you rarely see on a menu and it's delicious.

I opted this time for Mexican Sea Bass which was served on a sizzling skillet, it was delicious and came with a gorgeous cranberry & mint salsa which added to the dish.
I also noticed on the menu that you could order it with salad instead but on a winter day it didn't really float my boat !

So many lovely extras on the menu, lime & chilli broccoli was delicious and added a zing to boring vegetables, citrus crunch potatoes were also very different and fab

I could go on and on but suggest you visit yourself and try the varied and delicious dishes available. The Atmosphere is warm and cosy and you can be assured of a warm welcome from the great staff.

Ocean Plaza

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