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Checkout Column - Some Products Worth Trying

Eating out at Breakfast time is such a treat, particularly when you are presented with such an interesting menu.

The hot breakfast menu is fabulous, you can choose from a full breakfast sizzler which includes eggs sausages hash browns, roasted cherry tomatoes and mushrooms all served on a warm skillet. You can even go for a Breakfast Feast which is includes bacon,beans and toast.

There is a Veggie Breakfast Sizzler which I had and was delicious,or if you prefer a spicy option then Mexican Ranch Eggs which are served in a tortilla topped with chorizo black beans, salsa, cheese and eggs may be for you.

You can choose from baps and wraps or omelettes, or the healthy option is Granola, fruit salad, yoghurt etc.

A variety of hot or cold drinks are available.

Great idea, I will be visiting more often.


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