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U-THAI Restaurant & Bar

Many of you will remember El Tonel wine bar which was tucked away behind Barclays Bank. The Bank is now transformed into a very modern banking establishment.

Now a fabulous Thai Restaurant has been launched, the decor is so stylish and different from El Tonel it's extremely welcoming and incorporates a lounge area where you can relax and Have a pre-meal drink

I visited for lunch and was amazed by the variety of dishes on the menu. After much deliberation I opted for Tom Yum Chicken soup which is an all time classic traditional spicy and sour soup with chicken, mushroom, lemongrass and fresh chillies .

The main course was more difficult to choose as there was such a large variety but I plumped for Red Curry Chicken which was cooked in coconut milk and Bamboo shoots and sweet basil leaves which was absolutely delicious.

There was a tempting desert menu but I decided against a sweet which I will try on my return visit to this delightful restaurant.


U-THAI Restaurant &Bar

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