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Checkout Column - Some Products Worth Trying

Lush spa Liverpool

My first visit to the Lush Spa Liverpool was "The Good Hour" and what an amazing hour. it was ,I came out after my treatment walking on air and cannot wait to return to try another treatment.

Customer service is exemplary at Lush, I arrived a little early for my treatment so I was treated to a herbal tea whilst a lovely therapist ,Hannah ,gave me a hand and arm massage with a fabulous moisturising bar.

I was then escorted upstairs to the most beautiful spa, the thing that impressed me most was that the treatment room was so large and airy compared to many others I have visited.

The treatment bed was warmed up and dry ice produced the most amazing atmosphere,
The therapist ,Leone ,was extremely experienced and I could feel my aches and pains dissolving almost immediately. She did a full body deep tissue massage aiming to undo knotted muscles.

I was sent away with a gorgeous moisturising bar, a lovely bath bomb and some lip gloss. Their range of products are so interesting and different it's certainly worthwhile paying a visit.

I can't wait to return for another experience as they all look fabulous.
Lush - Whitechapel, Liverpool.

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