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I travelled on a nostalgic journey back to the Dalmeny Hotel in St. Anne's where i first visited 20 years ago when my grand daughters were babies . We visited often as a family it was ideal as the journey was just about an hour which was perfect for youngsters.

The rooms at the Dalmeny were perfect as they were family rooms so parents and children were together. They were extremely well equipped with tea/coffee and biscuits on tap.

Each time we returned to the Dalmeny there were additional facilities and improvements to the lounges and swimming pool.

Now the babies are 18 & 20 so they do their own thing but I felt a yearning to visit and I am delighted that I made the decision.

The warm welcome was the same as usual by a young lady who has been working in the hotel for 13 years together with many other longstanding staff.

Wifi is now introduced and flat screen tv 's are everywhere.

In addition to the lovely Atritum restaurant and Patio cafe, there is now the very smart Indigo bar where you can indulge in delicious tapas and cocktails while overlooking the lush gardens and the sea.

The swimming pool is fabulous and especially at nighttime when the whole area changes colour the atmosphere is dreamy there is also a jacuzzi which is sooo popular.

The spa offers a huge range of treatments and each month have great value offers,the gym is state if the art and you can book for Pilates etc etc....

The beach huts are the latest innovation,they are fabulous and are kitted out with everything you would need for a day by the seaside. They are the brainchild of Zoe & Stuart Robertson who have grown up in the area.

They come with a kitchen , electricity, a nautical themed interior its own deck and has access to private showers & toilets. Cost from £36,000 or£4,500to lease each year. They are also available for short term rent for a day or week through the hotel

They can be rented or purchased, the position on the seafront is absolutely perfect. A person I know won a day as a raffle prize and she and a few friends spent a day there and were absolutely delighted.

There is so much to offer in St. Anne's and Lytham .......highly recommended

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