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I must admit that I live a healthy lifestyle, I meditate daily, I practice yoga on a regular basis and I thought that my diet was good..............but I was in for a shock when I met the very
lovely Gaynor Stobie.

Gaynor runs boot camps in Hightown and surrounding areas and is also an expert on
nutrition, she made me realise that although I dont eat junk food or snacks I would
feel much healthier if I went by her guidelines on food.

She sent me away with lots of notes and ideas's and I couldnt wait to visit the local
healthfood stores to rejig my cupboards with nuts, quinoea, almond milk etc. etc.

She is a great example of healthy eating, her skin glows and she exudes energy and is passionate about what she does. I would highly recommend you have chat with her.

Gaynor Stobie

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