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Checkout Column - Some Products Worth Trying


CHURCHTOWN DELI ,in the short time it has opened ,has certainly made its mark in the area. It is based in the gorgeous Botanic Road and on entering you are overwhelmed by the variety of products in this small emporium. The first product that took my eye was Toffee Waffles which are gorgeous ,and even more gorgeous if you place one on top of a mug of coffee and it warms and melts the toffee in the centre. They are sourced from a company called Tregroes in Wales. If your teenagers live on Pot Noodles encourage them to try Kabuto Noodles which are packed with healthy ingredients . It's worth buying to read the label full of interesting slogans etc, Looking for Xmas gifts for foodies look no further . CHURCHTOWN DELI Botanic road Churchtown Southport

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