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.Spending five hours at Formby golf resort and spa was the most pleasure able time I have enjoyed for a long long time. The warm welcome I received set the scene for the wonderful hours ahead .
The afternoon started off on the right foot with a healthy snack of delicious salmon and colourful salad in the cosy Bistro. They even acquired Soya milk as I have an intolerance to cows milk.
The treatment rooms are a delight and the attention to detail of the whole spa is exemplary. Towelling gowns, slippers are supplied in sealed bags as hygiene is extremely important at Formby Spa
My back massage by the lovely Danielle was dreamy. It was a truly holistic experience, all the products used were Espa which smell gorgeous.
I then ventured into the Tranquillity suite and lay on one of the most comfy beds which could be adjusted by a remote control. It was sooo relaxing, so much so that I fell asleep ,it was truly wonderful.
The pedicure I had was not just a regular pedicure, I was seated on a massage chair which was operated by a remote control so that you could adjust the strength of the massage and choose where about you wanted the pumelling to major was fab.
My feet were soaked in a bowl of gorgeous hot water and massaged and exfoliated with a wonderful cream smelling of grapefruit. At the end of the treatment I felt as though I was walking on air.
However the piece de resistance was the Gravity Retreat which was absolutely amazing. It's a unique treatment which begins with the lovely therapist Jo who prepares your body by dry brushing
and then your skin is smothered in conditioning oils and creams. You are then left to relax in a water bed and the feeling of the bubbling water Helps to soothe your aching limbs and the 20 mins is equivalent to 4 hours sleep which is amazing
The whole atmosphere of the spa was really wonderful and each member of the 20 plus staff were attentive and great they were so willing to make my stay enjoyable.
The packages on offer are so varied and interesting and are extremely good value. Whilst I was there I met people from all over the North West who were taking advantage of the great value breaks on offer. Many were booking vouchers for males eg golf tonic!!....
I completed my time by a snack over in the hotel where the lovely Chris bent over backwards to ensure that yet again i had my soya milk.
I sailed home and had a great nights sleep which was the after effects of my wondeful time at Formby Spa. Can't wait to return.

I will be returning to have a yoga session so watch this space...........

JOOLS runs regular classes in the bright and airy studio within the spa
She is an excellent teacher and the class consisted of males, females, young and old but the class was tailored to individual needs.
She can be contacted on 07879853094 a

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