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The Dalmeny Hotel in St Anne's have launched amazing pastel coloured Beach Huts on the sea front bringing with it a taste of nostalgia and quintessential Britishness !!
The huts are the brainchild of Zoe @ Stuart Robertson who run the hotel which has been in the family for 66 years.

The Beach Huts, like everything to do with The Dalmeny ,are built to the highest standard and have every conceivable amenity. They have a very well equipped kitchen complete with power and microwave. They are so eye catching in their delicious pastel colours and have created so much interest that more than 300 people have registered their names for more information when the 45 huts are in situ.

The views from the Huts are spectacular particularly in the evening when relaxing with a glass of wine to watch the sunset....... nothing can be better, its idyllic.

The Beach Huts make a great birthday treat, imagine the surprise on childrens faces when they arrive for a day at the seaside with their friends and have the use of a hut for a birthday tea, they can enjoy the beach but can be cosy inside if the weather changes.

At the other end of the spectrum there has been interest from companies who would use them as a incentive for sales ,the prize being a days use of the huts.

At the end of a day at the seaside a perfect finish would be dinner in the Atrium Restaurant in the Dalmeny Hotel where the standard of the food is renouned throughout the area . An overnight in a fabulous Premier room overlooking the sea would be the icing on the cake !

The huts are available to purchase @ 36.000 + vat or a daily rental of 50.00
A days rental is available from morning until midnight

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