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I can only describe the Olive Retreat as "heaven on earth"

It is the brainchild of Cristina, Bettina @ Asmae who are three amazingly knowledgeable and very caring women who have joined forces to launch this island of tranquility.

The location is 1 1/2 hours drive from Malaga where you are met by one of the team and driven through the most incredible scenery to Gauchin. The retreat is miles from anywhere so you are not tempted to shop but you can take yourself off on the most wonderful walks.

The Olive Retreat is a Original Olive mill and is absolutely beautiful the attention to detail is immaculate . The bedrooms have every amenity possible with ensuite bath/shower rooms and the views you wake up to sets the scene for the day.

Olive retreat can house 12 people and it's rather like a house party and meals are eaten together outside on the terrace amidst the wonderful views, and each meal is something to look forward to. Bettina is the one that is amazingly creative in the kitchen and each meal is droolingly scrumptious. Forget boring vegetarian food this is another league. Home made bread, spreads, soups but the favourite was the vegetarian curry which was delicious . There are many recipes on their website I had fruit like Chirimoya that I had never encountered before and I became hooked in it

Cristina is so knowledgeable after a one to one chat about your health issues she has the ability to put your problems into perspective. She also holds daily yoga/meditation/bresthing sessions in the morning by the beautiful infinity pool which is so beneficial for every aspect of healthy living.

The amazing Asmae does massages, reiki, healing and she has the touch of an angel. She is such a huge character and holds sessions on tai chi she will also tailor her treatments to help any problems you may have.

Anyone suffering from exhaustion,stress or just wanting to improve their lifestyle. Then this is certainly the place to head for. The peace and quietness in this Retreat is hard to describe and although I have practiced Transcendental Meditation for 27 years but the meditation experience at The Retreat was something else.

It's very difficult to describe the week I spent in the Retreat, the website doesn't do it justice, I learned which food products to use, healthy recipes to cook, how to make a face mask out of avocados !!, In Addition I met some really interesting people, a cross section male and female, a young lawyer, a restaurateur all seeking a healthy lifestyle. We went walking together, we exchanged life stories, we watched films that made us laugh and cry in the gorgeous cinema ,and we have all exchanged emails to keep in touch.

I could wax lyrical for hours about the Olive Retreat but suffice to say I have returned home relaxed, refreshed and full of ideas to keep healthy and I can only urge you to think seriously about a week at this wonderful place where Bettina, Cristia and Asmae will look after your every need and will send you home with a different perspective on life.

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