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Checkout Column - Some Products Worth Trying

I chose the perfect day to visit Villaggio Cucina in the heart of Birkdale Village, the sun was cracking the flags, the Italian music was in the background and all the tables on the patio were filled with families the atmosphere was lovely.

I treated myself to bruschetta that was topped with chargrilled peppers and goats cheese. As I am allergic to additives in bread there was no problems as they are supplied with bread from the Artisan Bread company. It looked gorgeous and tasted delicious.

They have a tea menu which is fabulous and I went for Lily Fairy 1 which was green tea, Lily and Jasmine. It arrived in a beautiful glass teapot and it was amazing to watch the flower unfold.

All in all it was a great interlude on a lovely day.

The menu is large and varied so try it and see for yourself the lovely dishes that are on offer.


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