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CLIPPY'S MARMA CHILLI & Emma's Artisan Bread
CLIPPY'S MARMA CHILLI & Emma's Artisan Bread
By Sandra Gee on Jun 30, 12 10:03 PM
Once in a while I discover a product that really makes me excited and this jar of Clippy's Marma Chilli which is fine-cut orange marmalade with a chilli kick is just that product.

Its a small jar full of deliciousness that is so versatile, its great spread on cheese on toast,or equally gorgeous stirred into curry.

It gives me a great start to the day by just spreading it onto good bread which I get from
EMMA'S ARTISAN BREAD COMPANY as I have been disagnosed intolerant to additives in bread and hers is perfect for me, you can order on 07970527347.

Do give it a try you will not be disappointed and have a look at Clippy's website


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