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Checkout Column - Some Products Worth Trying


My dreams came true when I visited the Southport Flower Show last year and spotted a trade stand that was promoting cookware that was so versatile it could be used on the hob ,and with the swift removal of a handle went straight into the oven.

Of course I couldn't resist getting one and it has certainly lived up to my dreams, I have cooked chicken, salmon, mince all on the hob and then finished in the oven and each time it has been perfect.

The pan is suitable for any hob including Induction and is available in a huge variety of shapes and sizes including a wok, casseroles, all of which can be used with or without a glass lid. The handle is very easy to remove you just twist and it comes off.

The other really important point is that its healthy cooking as all the pans have a ceramic coating which is extremely easy to clean.

So look out for them at the Flower Show this year OR if you cannot wait until August
contact the company on 020 8207 2228 sales

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