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Checkout Column - Some Products Worth Trying


The SAD season (Seasonal Affective Disorder) is well and truly upon us once again and I have been trying the various products to try and brighten my mood.

I must confess I don't think I actually suffer from SAD but personal circumstances have made me dislike dark evenings and winter intensely.

I tried a light box and just by having it switched on made me feel happier, and talking to many people that do actually suffer from SAD I learned that these products do in fact improve this awful condition.

Apart from the light boxes the SAD LIGHTBOX COMPANY have a really interesting range of products, Clocks that are programmes to wake you up in a much more tranquil way, products that are great for nurseries or in fact for offices. etc. etc.

I could go on and on but suggest you have a look at the website
Their local centre is on Stanley Street Southport and I know that Beverly, who has first hand knowledge of this condition, and her lovely team would be only too happy to help you.


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