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I have a confession that many of you will find hard to believe, but I have only eaten pizza twice in my life. However, I was tempted to try a new variety in the lovely new modern cafe that D'Vine Sandwich Bar have expanded into.

D'Vine is the brainchild of Giles Gottig who is most accomodating and will cook any variety of pizza to order, and be flexible about toppings. I visited with a colleague and we decided to share so we opted for a spicy barbequed one and a four cheese with pesto one.

What pleased me most was that the base was thin, more like a flatbread, and it was lovely and crispy. The toppings were really delicious and we were just drooling over them,

Apart from pizza there is a large variety of sandwiches/baguettes and there is always a
tempting hot dish to lure you in!

They will deliver locally and are also available for outside catering.

D'Vine Market Street, Southport.

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