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In a weak moment I decided to invite 46 friends to a party at my home. Sounded like a good idea at the time but then reality set in, what about food, drink, chairs, etc. etc.

However, help was at hand............Helena Brookfield of Brookfields Kitchen took over the entire catering operation and brought ready made french onion soup, followed by boeuf bourginonne, celeriac mash, green beans, and finally bread and butter pudding and individual glasses filled with trifle. She transformed my scruffy kitchen into a smart bistro by covering all my rubbish with white cloths, strategic placed candles, and using black serviettes.

She took control of the whole operation and the evening was a great success. She is available for large and small parties and corporate catering.

I must mention Jeff Wall who is a multiskilled electrician who is a D.J by night,he loaned me a docking station and ipod to have some background music so bear him in mind for parties/functions.

Helena Brookfield Nevill St. Southport 536981
Jeff Wall

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