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Checkout Column - Some Products Worth Trying


I was stuck with my annual throat problem recently, last time to some people's pleasure I had no voice for about 4 weeks so when the symtoms reappeared I was in a panic.

My Homeopathic friend, Rochelle Marsden, suggested Manuka Honey and Sambucol which is Black Elderberry Extract,so as I value her opinion off I trotted to stock up my medicine chest with these two products.

The Manuka Honey I know from past experience is an amazing healer for many problems and I started taking spoonsful throughout the day. The Sambucol syrup is just delicious and I had to limit myself to spoonsful although I could have swigged the whole bottle.

I was so relieved when within a week my voice had returned to almost normal so these products will be always on my list for emergencies of this nature. 01455

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