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Checkout Column - Some Products Worth Trying


Morrison's is such a large store now that the range of products is growing and growing and it is always exciting for a "foodie" like me to browse.

On my last visit I came away with two new lines that are certainly worthing trying.

AINSLEY HARRIOTT VEGETABLE SPELT is a wholesome blend of pearled spelt and vegetables, spelt is rather like barley.It is becoming really popular has a nutty flavour and amazing nutritional properties, its a perfect accompaniment to any chicken or meat dish. You can also roast some cherry tomatoes in the oven and stir them through the cooked spelt for a light meal.

MEAT SEASONING A new stand has been introduced which is full of interesting herbs,spices etc. I picked up a tin of meat seasoning which I have used to sprinkle onto chicken, sausages etc. and its really spicy and fabulous. But do take the time to have a look at the many other products in this range.


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