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I was priveledged to be invited to the Launch evening of the Food & Drink Festival at the Wayfarer's Arcade ,and what a great night it turned out to be. I have attended each year and it just seems to get better and better.

There was such a buzz to the atmosphere and the exhibitors had gone that extra mile to make their displays and food tastings really special.

I nibbled my around the world in food and drink and really enjoyed myself.

CHIQUITO'S tempted me with a gorgeous tomato cocktail decorated with celery leaves, my next stop from at THE LATIN LOUNGE and had gorgeous dainty mouthful size pancakes and dips which were hard to resist. NANDO'S display was gorgeous and I gorged myself on the most lovely olives. I met up with some old acquaintances at THE WINE CELLAR (previously named core) and was fed on scrumptious chorizo sausage on bread.

By this time I was full to bursting but of course could not resist the delicious spring rolls filled with black pudding which I then washed down with Asparagus soup, local of course, and all this was provided by THE DINING ROOMS.

The usual huge display of local tomatoes were on view and LA VIE FRANCAIS were there to serve coffee's and lovely canapes.

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