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Checkout Column - Some Products Worth Trying


Today my daughter and I paid a visit to the VINCENT SUSHI BAR and we are still drooling over the delicious snack we ate .

On what was a miserable damp day the atmosphere in the Deli was buzzing, and by one o'clock it was absolutely full.

We opted for the "special" soup and sushi, which was served in the most stylish way, all the dishes, chopsticks etc. were shiny black.. The soup we had was full of chicken and chilli and was absolutely delicious and the sushi, which came complete with ginger and wasabi, was moist and scrumptious.

Although we were tempted to a dessert we were so full that we just opted for coffee.

The menu is really varied and interesting, the staff a joy, and we can't wait to return again to try some different dishes to tempt our palates.

Well done to the VINCENT its just what Southport needs for interesting food.


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