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Checkout Column - Some Products Worth Trying


Now I realise that many of you will look upon food shopping with dread, but for me the thought of a trip to a supermarket or to the local shops fills me with excitement, I know I'm a sad person!!

So yesterday I trawled the shelves of MORRISON'S in Southport and came out with so many goodies that I just could not resist.

Included in my trolley and tried so far is ROWSE HONEY in a squeezeable bottle, but the real twist to this product is the lemon juice which is added so it gives a real tang to the taste. Since my voice disappeared for about a month at the end of the year, much to the delight of my family and colleagues, I do try and take more honey on a daily basis.

I also picked up a tub of THE BEST WHIPPED SOFT CHEESE WITH SALMON, having tried the black pepper variety before I knew this would be delicious and it certainly didn't disappoint. I spread it on toasted bagel and on rice cakes.

A new product which I like very much is the range of KNORR STOCKPOT which I find really useful and interestingly is fine for people confined to a coeliac diet. I just add it to soups or indeed any recipes that require an injection of ooph!! It is done in chicken, beef and vegetable flavour.

Watch this space for more tried and tested products.


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