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At Sefton Chamber of Commerce every day is a happening and Friday was no exception, a very special member of staff, Andrew Rouse, who had been at the Chamber for about 18 years was finally moving on to take up a post with Social Services. He will be greatly missed, his sense of humour is unique and he is a great character and we all wish him well in his new position.

Of course we couldn't let his special day pass without marking it in some way for him, so we had a buffet to which staff and members of the Board of Directors attended. The french cafe in the Wayfarer's Arcade, La Vie Francais, provided a lovely selection of savoury titbits, danish pastries, and by special request a pink blancmange for Andrew.

Strangely enough we could be setting a trend as on Saturday Morning Kitchen on BBC 1 the next day they were making the very same blancmange so watch that space!

La Vie Francais - Wayfarers Arcade

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