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Checkout Column - Some Products Worth Trying

After another very busy and varied week at the Chamber of Commerce where businesses are joining at a great rate I felt the need for some real "Me time" and relaxation.

I took myself to Chameleon Spa which is at Hillside and the atmosphere in this salon is really special. The first thing that strikes me is the space in the entrance/seating area and the treatment room at the back is rather like a very cosy lounge.

Madeline had candles burning and wonderful smells pervaded the whole area.

She gave me an Indian Head Massage which was really wonderful, the massage took in my neck, shoulders and face and she explained that it was excellent for insomnia and many other conditions.

Madeleine is an extremely knowledgeable beauty technician and we covered nutrition etc. at the end of the session which thank goodness was done in silence.

I can highly recommend this truly tranquil salon which specialises in Environ and Jane Iredale products.


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