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Checkout Column - Some Products Worth Trying


The food halls are so jam packed with gorgeous goodies I could go on forever, but I am more concerned about getting myself over this awful viral thing I have had for about 4 weeks now.

I was recommended to Manuka Honey, which is wonderful for all sorts of conditions and has such good healing properties ,so I have been taking a spoonful of this magical smooth soothing honey twice daily and it has certainly helped my poor throat.

Among all the pills and potions at Holland & Barrett I was drawn to a box of Ginger Chews, now if you like ginger I can guarantee you will fall in love with these gorgeous sweeties that are individually packed. They are spicy, chewy and delicious and I know that ginger is also good for you. On the pack it states that they can be disolved in water to make a hot drink which I am off to try.

Holland & Barrett - Southport.

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