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My son-in-law is a great cook and so I look forward to eating with my daughter and family most weekends, however this Sunday he apologised for serving just "Welsh Rarebit".

Well this welsh rarebit was no ordinary cheese on toast it was absolutely delicious and perfect for what was a miserable dark Sunday afternoon. Here is the recipe which is from an old copy of "The Dairy Book" of Home Cookery. Enjoy!

4 large slices of bread
1 oz softened butter
1 tsp. made mustard
1/4 tsp worcester sauce
6 ozs. lancs/cheddar grated cheese
2 tbsp milk
cayenne pepper/salt.
Toast thick slices of bread on one side only
Cream butter, stir in mustard, worcester sauce, cheese milk &
Spread over untoasted side & brown under a hot grill.

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