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Checkout Column - Some Products Worth Trying

Posted by Sandra Gee on June 9, 2008 8:27 PM

Now is the time of year when the shelves are full of self tanning products, they all look good but some smell disgusting, make your skin take on an orange hue, or take forever to tan your skin.

However, each year I return to the FAKE BAKE range which always works a treat. The colour it turns your skin is so natural and the smell is really nice. The body exfoliator is also worth trying as once again it has the most lovely smell.

Another product I like very much for my face is the CLARIN'S DELICIOUS SELF TANNING CREAM. Imagine a blend of peach, lily of the valley, jamine, cedar and moss all mixed together almost good enough to eat.
It smooths in very easily and immediately gives your face a lovely glow.

All available from BROADBENTS, SOUTHPORT.

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