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The last months have been difficult trying to adjust to living the life of a "singleton". It has made me realise how very fortunate I am to be able to get pleasure from the small things in life.

Having a bath in some lovely smelling oils, eating some interesting food, making the most of enjoying the odd few hours of sunshine, and getting phone calls from wonderful friends who care about me.

As evening falls I like nothing better than having candles lit that give off a mild fragrance and have usually gone to La vie Francais in the Wayfarer's Arcade to buy them. Whilst enjoying a hot choccy in the cosy cafe I make the decision as to which fragrance to choose. This time I was steered to a new one which comes in a smart white box, so would be lovely to give as a gift.

It has burned so evenly and the ginger fragance is just delicious. The other bonus is that everything in this really interesting emporium filled with all things french is that all the goodies are half price at the moment!!

La Vie francaise Wayfarers Arcade, Lord Street.

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