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Rochelle Marsden RSHom, local Registered homeopath says that hay fever is a deep-seated condition, which requires constitutional treatment from a qualified Homeopath. Orthodox medical treatment can manage the condition with powerful drugs that have a number of harmful side effects but constitutional homeopathic treatment over two or three seasons may cure the condition completely. It is best to begin constitutional Homeopathic treatment before the season starts than try to control it once it has started.
During your actual hay fever it is always worth trying a homeopathic combination remedy from Boots or Health Shop like Pollena but there is no guarantee that the remedy your hay fever needs is in that mix. Some find the New Era Tissue salts for Hay Fever are all they need. Both cost less than a prescription!!!
Rochelle can be contacted on 01704 560626 or via her website

I have had amazing results each time I have paid her a visit.

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