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Checkout Column - Some Products Worth Trying


Should I be faced with a decision as to my favourite foods to take to a desert island, there would be no hesitation in choosing calves liver or scallops.

Calves liver is my particular favourite and I had the pleasure of eating it at the very gorgeous, opulent Owen's Restaurant in Houghton Street

It was served pink on a bed of delicious mash which was flavoured with wholegrain mustard. Drizzled over was the most wonderful flavour of balsamic which I couldn't wait to try to replicate at home.

I played with many different ingredients before using Marks & Sparks Balsamic glaze, which is thicker than the normal vinegar and has a wonderful sweetness about it which is also good over strawberries, so I was a very happy person.

There is now a great variety of cooks ingredients at Marks & Spencer Food Hall so do allow time to browse and let me know of any particular favourites you have come across.

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