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Having read an except of this book in the Daily Mail I was encouraged to get a copy as it seemed to be so full of down to earth approach to life. LIFE'S TOO F...ING SHORT is a guide to getting what you want out of life without wasting time, effort or money.

I really enjoyed reading it as the print, the colours, and the actual design of the book is so wacky, like the author. Apart from the words of wisdom, It covers a wide variety of recipes, idea's and thoughts on living the life YOU want to lead.

I was really suprised how much I enjoyed reading this book as I'm not a great fan of Janet Street-Porter but I found it full of straightforward commonsense and its a good book to keep by your bedside to just dip into as and when the mood takes you.

The helpful and knowledgeable staff at this bookshop would be happy to order it for you if not in stock.


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