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Checkout Column - Some Products Worth Trying


MANDLE CANDLE - A colourful candle from JML that delights and entertains for hours by changing colours that soothe and relax you. Available Woolworths, Boots 9.99

WOODWICK - A really unusual candle that crackles as it burns so gives a cosy feeling of a real coal fire. In a lovely shaped glass with a lid. Lovely gift. 12.99
Tienne, Wayfarers Arcade, southport.

CLUCKY - Chicken egg timer that hatches and clucks when the time has reached.
Really cute unusual pressy. 12.00 Broadbents, Southport and widely available.,k

PAMPERED PET - If you don't want the hassle of a real pet then adopt a pampered pet. Battery driven it lies cosy in a doggie bed and looks as though it is fast asleep but you can see it breathing.Gadget Shop, Lord Street, Southport.

JUMPING BUNNY - Gorgeous white bunny rabbit that jumps along the floor with its ears flapping and nose wobbling and sqeaking Hawkins.

TEIFOC BRICKS-Small terracotta bricks that can be cemented together to make a building then if it doesn't turn out successfully you can just dissolve it in water and start all over again.. Have been bought my wives for husbands.
Not sure of price. The Cherry tree Wesley Street, Southport.

PANIC BUTTON - Great fun as a stocking filler

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