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Checkout Column - Some Products Worth Trying

The Happy Chopper - Tupperware - Size of a grapefruit which you rotate between your hands, inside there is a sharp blade which chops onions into dice size pieces easily. No batteries, plugs and washes easily
Gelli-Baff - one sachet turns bath water into goo, then another sachet turns it back into water. Great for paddling pools. Hawkins, Chapel Street.

The Money Monster - a monster toy that is a money box. When you pull its tongue it comes out with the most amazing chat.

Starz Ceilings - out of this world cosmic stargazer ceilings. Start off as a white ceiling but as night falls it become like the sky at night. Now in the form of a kit that you can do as a surprise. Also available as a poster

Voice Changer - choose robot, child, or male voice great fun,.uk Hawkin Chapel Street

Fridge recorder - Kitchenfun - activated by the fridge lights, plays your message every time the fridge door is opened.4.99 Formby Hardware Store, Formby
Musical cake server - Kitchenfun - cake slice with a press button on handle to hear happy Christmas/birthday etc. 6.99 Formby Hardware Store, Formby

One touch can opener - Culinaire - magical automatic can opener which opens with a one touch. 19.99 Broadbents, Lord street

Inflatable husband/wife - low maintenance partner for a stress free easy life! Lots of other amazing gadgets. The Gadget Store, Lord Street (opp. Prince of Wales Hotel).

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