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Winter has arrived and I always prepare for it by taking Kiwiherb Organic Echinacea Tincture ,but if you are out in the cold wind and then come down with a cold or cough Registered Local Homeopath, Rochelle Marsden RSHom suggests a dose or 2 of Aconite 30, available at Boots, Tesco or Health Food shops maybe the one to knock it on the head if taken in time. Rochelle also tells me that there is a sickness/vomiting bug around in some of the Primary Schools which may well respond to a dose or 2 of Arsenicum 30. This remedy is also the one to take away with you in case of food poisoning when abroad. Rochelle can be contacted from her website :- which has a lot of useful information on it. Kiwiherb Organic Echinacea available from

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